How music channels grief

As artists write music, they tend to tap into a present emotion they are feeling but sometimes that feeling, delays their music writing or even releasing process. No subject, other than love, has been exploited by art like grief. Throughout time, there have been several artists who used grief to write some beautiful pieces of art. For over 20 years, singer/songwriter Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie used his grief to write masterpieces. He released A Crow Looked At Me, which he began two months after the passing of his wife and channeled sadness he was feeling to write mesmerising music.

A Crow was even recorded in her room using many of the instruments which she loved using. Some artists on the other hand, tend to use grief as a time to heal and take some time off, eventually postponing some anticipated music releases.

Very recently, Lorde postponed her much anticipated third studio album over the death of her dog, Pearl. She was quoted saying the grief was overwhelming and she needed time to heal before she would finish and release the album. Many artists have done this, including Schoolboy Q who last year, after the passing of Mac Miller, decided to delay his album while grieving the loss of his close friend.

Despite all of this, it seems that music has been more of a helper to artists which has led to them releasing some bangers over time. Lil Uzi Vert has used it, Mount Eerie too, so it is clearly a bit of a push to most when it comes to writing or releasing songs.

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