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Diamond smashes record under hammer

Despite the current financial difficulties faced by most of the world, the Archduke Joseph diamond has been sold for $21m (£13m).

The 76-carat diamond is now not only famous for being internally flawless, its auction selling price is the highest ever achieved by a colourless diamond.

Given the pre-sale estimate set at £15m and the $6.5m it achieved when it was last auctioned in 1993, no one thought that its price would reach anywhere near as much as it finally sold for.
Despite the bidder wishing to remain anonymous, the diamond’s seller, Black, Starr and Frost, thought that it would be “going to a museum”.

Despite it being colourless, the diamond’s history is distinctly colourful. It came from the illustrious Indian Golconda mines where it shares its birthplace with other famous diamonds such as Koh-i-Noor and the Blue Hope Diamond.


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