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Concrete, the University of East Anglia’s official student newspaper, was launched as you know it today back in 1992. It seems like Concrete was also the name of the student newspaper produced in the 70s, so when the student newspaper was revived in 1992, the name was continued.

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The Event is Venue’s predecessor, it was published until 2010.

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Venue is Concrete’s culture pullout, encompassing sections such as music, film, arts, creative writing and much more.

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Happenings was a short-lived events guide in the early 1990s, letting UEA students know what was going on in the city.


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At various points, Concrete has produced housing guides to help students in search of accommodation.


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Over the years, Concrete has published lots of special or one-off editions, as well as supplements and pullouts. Find them all below!

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