With their debut album making a stamp on the UK Official Album Charts, the Surrey-born brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, otherwise known as Disclosure, have taken the UK music scene by storm.


Their infusion of UK garage, electronic and house music has had a massive impact on both the young and mature listenership. Their dance floor hit ‘Latch’, featuring the talented Sam Smith, has made its way into every student club out there. Whilst their remixes of songs such as ‘Running’ sung by Jessie Ware, and the Artful Dodgers’ ‘Please Don’t Turn Me On’, have played a part in paying homage to the early UK garage scene, which the more mature listener would appreciate. All the more reason why their debut album ‘Settle’, released on 3 June, smashed its way to the top and declared itself as No. 1 on the UK Official Album Charts… and rightly so.

This album makes a statement that an album doesn’t have to be bombarded with lyrics, but can be established as a brilliantly composed sound. It is commendable that this duo has released an album where the main focus is the sound, having the vocals play a complimentary part to a track, which is difficult when you’re up against albums from very talented vocal artists, although Disclosure have in fact brought in some of the most talented young voices in the UK to give them a hand.  Jessie Ware, Eliza Doolittle, Sam Smith and Aluna George are just some of the collaborators on this 18 track- album, and have all played a huge part in its success. They give this album a more relaxed quality, something that makes you want to sit outside in the sun and chill with a friend. Lord knows we need that, especially with our temperamental British weather.

The album name is appropriate to Disclosure’s sound, ‘Settle’, settle down, settle in, the title really does give an insight into what the two brothers are trying to do. Songs like ‘Tenderly’, which was one of their first songs to hit the radio, and ‘You & Me’ featuring Eliza Doolittle, has a sound which remains consistent throughout the album and contributes to its deviation from a lot of the mainstream music out there now.

There is an obvious reason why ‘Settle’ reached No. 1 on the ITunes Chart 12 hours after its release, there’s something different about this album. 2013 is definitely Disclosure’s year.