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Every day is a revelation.

Even though the fantastical illusion of youth has been overshadowed by dreary routine, there is still wonder woven into the fabric of life.

Day by day, we roll on like sand dunes on the horizon of a lonely desert — waiting for something to captivate us, like everything seemed to when we were young.

Waiting for the wave of happiness to echo throughout our bodies when that revelation comes.

Reminiscing on what it felt like to experience that moment of discovery.

Like beholding snow for the first time; the enchantment of that white sheet which coats the landscape transforming it into an image of even greater beauty.

The power of the sunrise in the morning as the rays shed light on the day ahead; believing that painting in the sky had been designed just for you.

Feeling as though the overwhelming sense of the unknown that lies ahead is within your grasp.

Why should time affect the way we experience each day?

Turning escapades into regimes in the name of a plan; it should be inspiring, thrilling, to discover something new. To live, another day different to all that preceded it. To love, wholeheartedly. To fall, if only for that moment of exhilaration before being caught. Taught that by falling one can only rise, learning. Yearning to discover something outside of the endless monotonous continuum of time. We are unconquerable as we venture on; each day a new dawning.

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Elena Rodgers

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July 2021
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