There’s no doubt that Rihanna is an absolute goddess. With the body of a diva – and the voice of one too – she rocks whatever outfit she goes for. She even was awarded the Fashion Icon Award at the annual Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, totally stealing the show in her sheer Adam Selman dress. Reporters didn’t know how to react, and neither did the public, when Rihanna strutted down the red carpet in her controversially transparent dress. Half thought it was a shameful display, whereas the others thought her outfit was revolutionary. Arguably, it could be both.


With her modesty only hanging on by the thin thread of her nude-coloured thong, there was bound to be some comment on her dress being somewhat indecent, but Rihanna took this in her stride. “Do my t-ts bother you?” she laughed, adding, “They’re covered in Swarovski crystals girl!” Then shortly after the event Rihanna posted a picture of Peter Griffin from Family Guy sporting the same dress with fur wrap, commenting, “He get’s it!” Whatever we think of her outfit, at least she has a sense of humour.

Some, however, claimed that Rihanna’s display was actually one of the most pro-feminist statements made by the pop world to date, advocating presenting your body as you like it, bravely and without worry of judgement. Rihanna was clearly looking for a reaction, and she sure got it, with many publications dismissing her dress as distasteful and one even refusing to display a picture of it in an attempt to take the “moral high ground”.

But though one could argue that Rihanna was throwing traditional dress codes out the window by going nearly naked to such a prestigious event, and breaking societal taboos with a Swarovski shaped sledgehammer, it might be asked if we would view it in the same such way if a man had gone dressed in a similar fashion. Would we have thought “Wow! What an icon! What a trend setter!” had a male celebrity turned up in Swarovski covered speedos? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Regardless, Rihanna is a trend setter and this is maybe why her crystal dress took us aback more than usual: we already know her sexy, diva style and this was a whole different kettle of fish. Given her status as style icon for so many girls around the globe, her flashy move could potentially influence fans to sexualise what they wear in a similar way, which could actually have an opposite effect to the earlier highly hopeful pro-feminist view. Though, provided we are aware that she was making a statement rather than encouraging us all to start wearing see through clothing as a general trend, there shouldn’t be any real problem.Rihanna can go on being the diva that she is, wowing us with her wonderful figure and fresh, flirty looks.