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“Doctor, Doctor, how do we end all wars?”

Zygons, Osgood, sonic glasses, and evil Clara: we’ve had another jam packed Doctor Who episode, and to summarise the whole of this two-parter I’d need a bigger word count. However, as you’re reading this I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it already and know what I’m talking about when explaining why this episode was a good one.

First of all: Evil Clara. What viewers might not have realised until the end of The Zygon Invasion is that we actually did not see a lot of Clara herself, but Bonny, her evil Zygon-twin. Jenna Colman did an amazing job playing the villain and it was refreshing to see her taking on a different role. Bonny was a fun character to watch, and by the end of The Zygon Inversion you actually started to sympathise with her. In the meantime, there is Clara – locked in a pod for most of the episode, playing a more passive role.

Although some die-hard Clara fans might not agree, It was a nice change to have Clara not as the main focus and to see the Doctor interacting with Osgood instead. Whether a human or Zygon twin it doesn’t matter; the fact is, Osgood is a great character and it’s nice to see her finally getting the chance to work with the Doctor to save the world. The dynamic between Osgood and the Doctor was fun and exciting. After admiring the Doctor for years and finding no fault, she actually starts to outwit and tease him; we found that she’s on our side, describing these sonic glasses as “pointless […] like a visual hearing aid”, and at times she even seemed to be one step ahead of the Doctor.

Throughout the episode we can find moral lessons which are commonly taught in the Doctor Who universe, such as ‘don’t generalise’ and ‘don’t solve violence with violence’, but the most important one comes towards the end in the one scene every social media platform was talking about: The Doctor’s Speech! Capaldi was on top form and proved something people might not have realised before: Peter Capaldi is a great actor and there is a reason he was chosen to play the Doctor. His speech had viewers on the edge of their seats and listening to every word. I don’t know about you, but I got goosebumps as the Doctor was desperately trying to stop Bonny and Kate from starting a war, having promised himself that “no one else will ever have to live like this. No one else will ever have to feel this pain. Not on my watch.”

We saw the darker side of the Doctor, and another glimpse of the emotional trauma the time war caused him.
So, aside from the monsters and cringy nicknames (Doctor Disco?), this episode taught the viewers about seeing people as individuals, not to generalise, to forgive and – most importantly – not to solve a problem with violence, like a child having a temper tantrum. It is an important lesson, especially in our time with one crisis after another; a lesson I think everyone should keep in mind.


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