Don’t panic, Trump in the White House may be good for the UK

In the words of Eric Idle, ‘always look on the bright side of life’, I intend to make Trump’s impending arrival at the oval office a thing not to fear, but as a Briton, to feel a little more positive than we, as a country, have been doing.

Firstly, allow me to point out that this is exclusively from an international relations standpoint (due to my degree) but not from a personal or ethical level. If this article was from this point of view, and expressing my own opinions of Mr Trump, then I could construct this article in its entirety from quotes from the outgoing Vice President Joe Biden and let me say, I would happily help Joe Biden’s behind THAT gym.

However, sticking to the philosophy of positivity and one Mr Idle, I will make the case for a successful Trump presidency, albeit from the very selfish view of a Briton who has lost his moral compass.

Firstly, trade, the first big shock of 2016 now sees us living a post-Brexit life, whichever side you were on, Brexit is happening and we need to make the best of it. An integral part of British post-Brexit prosperity is who we can make trade deals with and when (the sooner the better). The democrats, who Clinton represented, made it very clear that the UK would be at the ‘back of the queue’ for any trade deal with the USA, a view which a Clinton presidency would have furthered.

However, Mr Trump, unlike the democrats, was not opposed to Brexit, quite the opposite, he rejoiced at Brexit and congratulated Britain and has stated that we would not be at the back of the queue with him at the helm, rather the reverse, he has said that a trade deal with the UK would be near the top of his agenda, probably after some construction work in the southern states. But, in all seriousness, a trade deal with the world’s largest economy during the uncertain times is ahead is a fantastic opportunity for Britain.

Secondly, foreign policy. This point is two-fold, I think that a Trump presidency will vastly improve relations with Russia and also greatly improve the chances of ISIS been wiped off the face of Earth. Two things, that for the UK, are extremely beneficial. These two points are intrinsically linked and can be summed up in one quote from the Donald ‘If we could get Russia to help us get rid of ISIS — if we could actually be friendly with Russia — wouldn’t that be a good thing?’.

A US-Russo alliance against the evil of ISIS, both working in the same direction would be an amazing thing for the security of our way of life in the west. If this means propping up Assad, then this, from a British point of view would be a good thing. I am in no way defending Assad, but Assad does not want to attack the UK or the west, whilst ISIS will not rest until everyone who does not live their life the way ISIS believe, is dead. They have already orchestrated numerous deadly attacks and unfortunately, there is no perfect solution to the Middle Eastern problem at the moment. But as this article is being framed from a selfish British angle, Trump working with Russia, supporting Assad to get rid of ISIS is the best option out of a bad bunch of options. Assad is simply the lesser of two evils, ISIS is the real enemy.

The US-Russo alliance discussed, joined with the comments which Trump and Putin have exchanged also represent a stark contrast to the relationship between Obama and Putin and the rhetoric from Clinton. If Trump and Putin do get on, which, based on rhetoric, seems much more likely than Clinton and Putin getting on then this is not only good for the UK, but the world as a whole. US-Russo relations have been incredibly poor as of late, and once again, from a British point of view, two great nuclear powers playing nice is a much better situation than them not.


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