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Dressing in isolation

I’ve never been someone who needed to dress up in order to feel productive; often my essays are written in my pajamas still tucked up in bed or slouched on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket. However, usually it is contrasted with the days when I dress for lectures, work, or nights out, so slobbing around in a dressing gown in order to get some work done doesn’t feel quite so depressing. Now, when the option to wear a baggy t-shirt and no underwear every day is presented, suddenly I find myself needing to wake up and get dressed in order to feel human, and working at a desk is now the only way I can get words down. When every day of the week could be a lazy day, I find the normalcy of putting on something semi-presentable, and styling my hair into something other than ‘bird’s nest’, holds a much more significant place in my life. 

I’ll never be someone who can lounge in jeans or denim skirts so my go-to at the moment, at least while the weather has been relatively decent, is a series of loose fitting button down dresses – not the most flattering items but somewhat stylish and much more presentable than pajama bottoms with a hole in the bum. These dresses have been an absolute lifesaver in making me feel somewhat human while we’re locked down, without feeling like I’ve gotten too dolled up to sit in the attic at the card table I’m using as a desk. Wide enough to hide the entire frozen pizza I ate last night while still being cute and girly looking, they are definitely my style staple for the quarantine. Sometimes, if I’m feeling especially motivated or if I want to impress the people at my local supermarket – from the mandated two metre distance, of course – I might even treat myself to a swipe of lipstick, so people know I really have my life together. Every summer this dress design floods the stores, touted as an easy-breezy-cool-girl-on-holiday-in-Italy type look, and while I can’t necessarily fulfil any holiday aspirations or score any cool points, easy-breezy is undoubtedly my approach to fashion at the moment. As a more sustainable option for online shopping, Monki has a huge range of dresses that fit the relaxed ‘I’m not going anywhere but I want to look like a person’ vibe that I’m partial to at the moment. Uniqlo also has some great styles for people who want to be dressed but still get away with not wearing any underwear, with some more basic pieces that will fit into any wardrobe. No chance of a holiday for us anytime soon but I’ll just drink a glass of wine in the garden and pretend instead – just as good.

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