Have you ever taken illegal drugs? The “No” results

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37.1% of respondents said they had not taken illegal drugs. Read more about this response below. 61.4% of respondents said they had taken illegal drugs – read those results here.

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Did you make a conscious decision not to take drugs?

Yes 80.0%
No 17.6%
Unsure 2.4%

Would you ever consider taking drugs?

Yes 16.8%
No 69.6%
Unsure 13.6%

If yes, would you know where to get them from?

Yes 42.9%
No 33.3%
Unsure 23.8%

Do you have friends who regularly use illegal drugs?

Yes 44.8%
No 44.8%
Unsure 8.8%
Prefer not to say 1.6%

If yes, does it affect your relationship with them?

Yes 22.8%
No 63.2%
Unsure 12.3%
Prefer not to say 1.8%

Do you worry about the potential risks/consequences involved in taking drugs?

Yes 79.5%
No 15.6%
Unsure 4.9%

If yes, do you feel this is a sufficient deterrent?

Yes 87.8%
No 11.2%
Unsure 1.0%

Has your attitude towards illegal drugs changed since arriving at UEA?

Yes 10.6%
No 85.4%
Unsure 4.1%

Do you feel there is an increased pressure to use illegal drugs since arriving at UEA?

Yes 7.3%
No 88.7%
Unsure 3.2%
Prefer not to say 0.8%

Concrete neither condones or condemns drug use. We promote a safe and reasonable attitude towards consumption of alcohol and encourage a reasonable attitude towards drug use. If you need any more advice, Talk to Frank.


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