Drugs and Alcohol Survey 2013 – results in full

The results in full of this year’s Drugs and Alcohol Survey. These are just the figures and percentages – find out what the results mean and read responses.

Of the 357 survey respondents, 46.3% were male and 52.3% were female.

Illegal drugs

Have you ever taken illegal drugs?
Yes 61.4% – click to view responses
No 37.1% – click to view responses
Unsure 1.5%

Ranked: the drugs respondents considered the most harmful, 1 being the most harmful, 10 the least. 

1. Heroin
2. Crystal meth
3. = LSD (acid)
3. = Cocaine
5. Ketamine
6. = Ecstasy / MDMA
6.  = Amphetamines (speed)
8. Magic mushrooms
9. Poppers
10. Cannabis


How often do you drink alcohol?

Daily 4.3%
More than once a week 45.4%
Weekly 31.2%
Rarely 15.6%
Never 3.5%

Would you consider this an acceptable amount?

Yes 85.8%
No 7.2%
Unsure 6.1%
Prefer not to say 0.9%

Do you think your friends at university drink acceptable amounts?

Yes 53.9%
No 31.1%
Unsure 14.4%
Prefer not to say 0.6%

Have your drinking habits changed since coming to UEA?

Yes 68.2%
No 29.2%
Unsure 2.6%

In what way?

I drink more often 85.8%
I drink less 9.0 %
Other 5.6%

Do you think your drinking habits have or have had an effect on your degree?

Yes 20.0%
No 73.3%
Unsure 6.7%

Do you feel you have ever drunk to impress others?

Yes 36.3%
No 59.0%
Unsure 4.7%

Have you participated in drinking games (eg Ring of Fire)?

Yes 91.0%
No 8.7%
Unsure 0.3%

Do you feel like this increases the pressure to perform by drinking to excess?

Yes 39.5%
No 54.0%
Unsure 6.4%

Do you feel drinking has had an effect on your relationships?

Yes 38.6%
No 51%
Unsure 10.4%

Do you ever feel like your health has suffered as a result of drinking?

Yes 23.4%
No 69.7%
Unsure 6.5%
Prefer not to say 0.3%

Concrete neither condones or condemns drug use. We promote a safe and reasonable attitude towards consumption of alcohol and encourage a reasonable attitude towards drug use. If you need any more advice, Talk to Frank.


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