Have you ever taken illegal drugs? The “Yes” results

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61.4% of respondents said they had taken illegal drugs. Read more about this response below. 37.1% of respondents said they had not taken illegal drugs – read those results here.

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Which drugs have you taken? Select as many as apply.

Cannabis 97.1%
Ecstasy/MDMA 53.4%
Cocaine 26.8%
Ketamine (or MKet) 23.8%
Poppers 21.4%
Amphetamines (Speed) 15.5%
Magic mushrooms 17.0%
LSD (acid) 7.3%
Crystal meth 1.9%
Heroin 1.5%

What were your reasons for taking illegal drugs?

Fun 81.1%
Curiosity 81.1%
Peer pressure/fitting in 14.1%
Self-medication 9.2%
Relaxation 40.3%
Loosen social inhibitions 26.2%
Other 5.3%

How would you describe the experience?

Good 63.9%
Bad 1.5%
Variable 27.3%
Other 7.3%

Has your attitude towards any illegal drugs changed since you tried them?

Yes 51.2%
No 43.4%
Unsure 4.4%
Prefer not to say 1.0%

Have you had any medical problems as a result of illegal drug use?

Yes 7.4%
No 88.1%
Unsure 4.0%
Prefer not to say 0.5%

Do you have friends who regularly use illegal drugs?

Yes 87.5%
No 11.0%
Unsure 1.0%
Prefer not to say 0.5%

If yes, does it affect your relationship with them?

Yes 28.2%
No 66.7%
Unsure 4.5%
Prefer not to say 0.6%

Do you worry about the potential risks/ consequences involved with taking drugs?

Yes 50.0%
No 40.8%
Unsure 8.6%
Prefer not to say 0.7%

If yes, do you feel the potential risks/consequences are a sufficient deterrent?

Yes 52.0%
No 41.3
Unsure 6.7%

Has your attitude towards illegal drugs changed since arriving at UEA?

Yes 31.6%
No 67.8%
Unsure 0.7%

Do you feel there is an increased pressure to use illegal drugs since arriving at UEA?

Yes 4.6%
No 93.4%
Unsure 2.0%

Has using illegal drugs affected your degree?

Yes 3.9%
No 92.8%
Unsure 2.6%
Prefer not to say 0.7%

Concrete neither condones or condemns drug use. We promote a safe and reasonable attitude towards consumption of alcohol and encourage a reasonable attitude towards drug use. If you need any more advice, Talk to Frank.


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