Do Something Different Week

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Do Something Different Week

Syria’s ‘Untold Pilgrimages’: A surprisingly tight-lipped affair

The setup for the Mustard’s Untold Pilgrimages struck me as uncharacteristic of the centre’s usually generous layouts. Each exhibit resides in its own atrium, with even the smallest of artefacts fleshed-out with embellishments. A lack of pieces isn’t sinful, of course, and as I sidled between the hefty centre-barriers, I was nonetheless inspired by the…

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Do Different Week: “UEA murder suspect”

Always fancied yourself a tabloid journalist? Always had a knack for puntastic headlines? An incident, a suspicious death, a complex investigation, troubled experts, compromised witnesses, tabloid intervention and a highly charged trial: Do Different Week is about to shake up sleepy Norwich. As with the best crime dramas, not everything is as it seems, and…