‘The Dutch have turned Brexit on its head to give Britain the finger’ Perhaps can use cartoon as photo for this, if you’d like – it’s in the Comment 362 folder.

When we hear the word we all dread, Brexit, rarely does the image of a fluffy, blue, cute looking monster, come to mind. Yet the Dutch have created such a creature as a mascot for their campaign to aid businesses in preparing for Brexit.

The Dutch foreign minister, Stef Blok, posted a picture of the fluffball lying on a desk and sporting a white T-shirt with that dreaded word in bold red letters. He posted the photo along with links to a Brexit Impact Scan, which businesses can use to further understand the potential repercussions Brexit will have on their business.

So how’s Britain helping to prepare businesses here? And where’s our mascot? I’ve never seen a picture of a blue muppet-like monster on Jeremy Hunt’s twitter feed. There is, on Parliament’s website, an economy and finance business page with regards to Brexit including some ‘research and analysis from Parliament’s libraries and committees’.

But it’s not as easy to navigate to find straightforward answers to the questions some business owners may have as the Dutch scan is. Its tedious and in comparison to the Dutch Impact scan it is an utter let-down.

We need that comedy the Dutch are bringing to Brexit. It would be appreciated as a bit of comic relief from the everyday dreariness of talks and debates, yet it’s been absent from the daily Brexit discourse. Where is that dry, dark, satirical humour the British do so well? The Dutch have even created a boyband, Breunion Boys, with a song called ‘Britain Come Back’. How did we not think of this?

The mascot is an in-your-face, assertive portrayal of an effective and proactive campaign the British government could definitely learn from.

Some may argue the Dutch have turned Brexit on its head and are their version of comedy to give Britain the finger.

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