Nestling on the historic King Street that runs through the heart of the city of Alexandria in northern Virginia sits Eamonn’s, an Irish fish and chip shop that describes itself as not like “any other chipper”.

I know a great little place

Eamonn’s offers everything you would expect from a regular fish and chip shop, with a variety of seafood well complemented by a wide array of side dishes all sounding familiar to those who frequent shops like these in other countries.

However, its choice of accompanying sauces shows Eamonn’s is so much more than a regular fish and chip shop, with various being formed from local ingredients, including the Chesapeake sauce from Chesapeake Bay in the south of Virginia.

Walking into Eamonn’s as a non-American, you will feel instantly at home, but there is enough choice here to keep you coming back again and again to this corner of Ireland in what is a bustling and cosmopolitan city.