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Steve Kahn describes his new psychological horror short film Fear as “art house horror a la Hitchcock”.
The creative placement of the camera makes for a visually impressive and engaging 15 minutes of thrill, and the Janet Leigh-esque female protagonist and blood-down-the-drain shot pay homage to Hitchcock’s Psycho.
A young woman is home alone, taking a bath, when unusual noises and movement constitute her ever-growing fear. Kahn explores how little things can be exaggerated by the mind, and plays on conventional devices of the horror genre to unveil the inherent paranoia of the human psyche.
Jesse Rabideau, playing the female lead, does a great job of bringing the physical and emotional qualities of fear to the screen and holds the audience’s attention effortlessly.
Kahn’s imaginative use of lighting demonstrates how darkness doesn’t always create fear. The use of bright lights and overexposure is unusual for a horror film yet it still manages to create an atmosphere of unease.
The plot itself isn’t anything new, as it follows a generic narrative. However, the set-ups and healthy doses of classic horror iconography (blood, candle-lit rooms, white noise and lightning), all play their part in creating a genuine and unexpected thrill.
Despite the film being short, Kahn’s ability to generate tension through set-ups and careful pacing allows the viewer to lose themselves in the story. There is a steady build up to the climax of the film that stylistically captures the loss of control over the imagination.
Fear takes the audience on a short but intense journey from unsettling silence to full-blown psychological thrill. The trepidation that escalates to complete terror successfully personifies the feeling of fear itself.
After just one viewing – all levels of your emotional Richter Scale will be hit.


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May 2022
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