Editor’s column

Editor's column

New beginnings and a reflection

Here it is, the first editorial I am writing as Editor-in-Chief of Concrete. I wish I was writing this under different circumstances, with a print issue being scattered around UEA and campus bustling with people who read our publication. Instead, I sit at home in Edinburgh, hundreds of miles from Norwich and even further from…

Editor's column

Another issue, another dawn

We’re almost there, as Jess writes in her Deputy Editorial column today. Applications for the next Editor-in-Chief and Deputy will soon close, and now only one more issue remains of the semester. I doubt anyone expected we’d be in a lockdown, many of us away from UEA, taking classes online.  Yet even though we’re away, university…

Editor's column

Pushing past the lockdown blues

Usually I write my editorial in the Media Office, looking out over the Square while I wonder how I’ve managed to leave it to the last minute yet again. The deadline rush hasn’t changed, but the setting has. I’m sitting at home, surrounded by stacks of books (you can probably guess who my module focuses…

Editor's column

Keep washing your hands!

Summatives, choosing a career path, getting that summer bod – these are just a few of life’s stresses. And now there’s coronavirus to worry about. It’s just not fair is it?  I’ve decided to use my editorial this issue to suggest some ways to steer clear of the virus, and hopefully dispel a few myths…

Editor's column

Sex, storms and sleepiness

Of all the issues we’ve worked on so far, this has been the most tough. Perhaps the Sex and Drugs Survey is to blame: an extra 24 pages of juicy (yes) content to lay up. Or maybe it was Storm Ciara: a depressingly damp finish to what I thought may have been the beginnings of…

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