English Defence League to march on Norwich

The English Defense League (EDL) has planned a demonstration in Norwich on Saturday 10 November, stating that it is a response to the decision to ban a Christian bookstall.

Norfolk Police have been informed of the extreme right-wing group’s intention to protest through the streets of Norwich, however a route has not yet been confirmed.

The EDL plan to protest against what they describe as a violation of “freedom of speech”. The rally is a reaction to a decision by Norwich City Council to prohibit a united reformed church bookstall on Hay Hill. Members of the public complained that it was distributing “hate-motivated” anti-Islamic leaflets.

A counter-protest is planned for the same day by a campaign group called We are Norwich, who embrace and celebrate the city’s diversity. Additionally, the Norfolk and Norwich Muslim Association (NNMA) condemned the proposed march.

A trustee of the NNMA, Dr Muhammad Abu-Elmagd, said: “We strongly believe that the EDL’s intention is to cause disharmony among the residents of Norwich. However, we hope that the people of Norwich will stand firm together and refuse to allow any attempt to divide our fine city.”


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  1. Patriotism is a love for one’s own nation, Nationalism is a hatred of all other nations. As a patriotic Englishman, I find the appropriation of the Saint George’s cross by these idiots offensive. We must recapture our flag so we can once again fly it with pride over a nation enriched by diverse ethnicity, a welcoming spirit and a damn good vindaloo on a Friday night. Stuff the EDL.

    The English Defense League Defense League (EDLDL)

  2. It seems typical left propganda! Only proclaming their own point of view while burying their heads in the sand and not acknowledging that there is also others with their own feelings and concerns..

  3. That is exactly our point Richard, no one from the ‘We are Norwich’ group has tried to contact us to investigate the reasons behind our demonstration in Norwich, but instead have decided to hold a counter demonstration without any real knowledge or understanding as to why we will be attending, all this does is to cause unnecessary alarm to the public.

  4. english people are so ugly, find one attractive person in that photo I dare ya

  5. we are norwich need to look at the bigger picture as to why THE EDL are demonstrating in the city of NORWICH instead of automattically assuming as a lot of people are that its against anethnic minority.Why do people support/back people that shy away from what the reel problem is instead of deaaling with it.PERHAPS then people such as THE EDL would not adressing these problems and bringing them to other peoples attention.

  6. Question for the people of Norwich?

    The English Defence League are intending to hold a demonstration in Norwich to protest at Norwich City Council’s unfair treatment to the Norwich Reformed Church regarding ‘equality issues’.

    A complaint was made by one member of the public to the Police, who took no action against Dr Clifford, but the Council decided to adopt their own politically correct appeasement to this one member of the public.

    Where in this statement does it say the EDL are demonstrating against any ethnic minority/faith/religion? they are demonstrating against Norwich City Council, the only people making an issue of this demo are ‘we are Norwich’ falsely reporting through pre-conceptions as to why the EDL are there. As you celebrate the citys diversity should you yourselves not be asking the council why they are dealing with cases in such a way?

    East Anglian Admin Team

  7. Does anybody know how to get involved in the We Are Norwich campaign? I can’t find a website or anything…

  8. Because members of the public reported to the Norwich City Council that the bookstall was distributing anti-islamic leaflets.

  9. Not that I support the EDL but why has a Christian Bookstall been banned???