Elden Ring: Is it Worth Buying?

Elden Ring is a new third person action fantasy role-play game which has been likened to its predecessor Dark Souls. Developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, its trailer certainly boasts some impressive settings, it also has mostly glowing reviews. The game is available on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation5 as well as Xbox Series. But is it worth spending £49.99 on?

Fextra Life summarises the narrative, stating “Legend has it that the ring holds unimaginable power “that which commanded the stars, giving life its fullest brilliance” and that the ring has been destroyed by something or someone. This then leads to the destruction and decay of the world, the sky burning, and brings parallels to the collapsing sun of the Souls universe.” The comparison to Dark Souls is a common theme in the discussions surrounding Elden Ring, and has become a point of criticism in some ways. PC Gamer highlights how the ‘Bosses’ are remarkably similar to those in Dark Souls, describing how “The reheated boss fights from the previous games undercut the impact. Although many of them are remixed and situated in different contexts, they are all blatant nods to what came before.” Moreover, many players have stated that some of these bosses are nearly impossible to beat as they aren’t matched to the players’ level (there are a lot of guides providing information on how to get past them).

In spite of this, I have seen users describe Elden Ring as “phenomenal” and “everything you could hope for” on online forums. The feedback is nearly all positive, and it has been described as a masterpiece, so it seems that Elden Ring is absolutely worth every penny if it’s the type of game you enjoy playing. The game offers players between around 60-80 hours of gameplay, if you’re focusing on its key objectives, but it could potentially take a lot longer if you stray from the beaten track and keep you occupied for plenty of time, so you’ll undoubtedly get your money’s worth from it. As well as its visuals and vast open-world, Elden Ring has also been praised for its beautiful soundtrack. 

However, players using older consoles may want to think twice before purchasing Elden Ring, especially Xbox One users ,unfortunately this includes myself, as it has been criticised as possibly being the worst version of the game. Tech Radar explains that “the differences between visual quality and overall detail is stark. The Xbox One is like a PC on the lowest settings, paring back environmental shadows, grass density, and ambient occlusion.” As well as this, characters and items further away suffer from appearing slowly due to their frame rate. So, if you own an Xbox One and don’t want to compromise on the visual aspect of a game, Elden Ring sadly may not be the game for you. This is disappointing – I was really excited to purchase the game but I’d love to experience it in its full glory.

All facts considered, I would suggest giving Elden Ring a go if you’re looking for a new open-world game to try, especially if you have a newer console – everyone seems to be raving about it and there doesn’t appear to be any major downfalls! Despite its criticism on Xbox One, I am still very tempted to buy it and experience it for myself, as it looks absolutely stunning and overall sounds like a great, exciting new game that might take me out of my comfort zone.

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