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In the past few weeks after the announcement of a general election, all the parties have launched their campaigns for what should be one of the most significant elections in British history. A key campaign issue is the ongoing debate about our future relationship with the European Union, and parties are going to extreme lengths to get the outcome they want. The “unite to remain” pact between the Liberal Democrats, Green Party, and Plaid Cymru involves each of the parties not standing in some constituencies, in an effort to combine the Remain vote to win seats from the Conservatives and prevent Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. On the other side of the debate, Nigel Farage has announced that his Brexit Party will not stand in over 300 constituencies to help prevent Remain parties winning.

But of course while Brexit has divided the nation for three years now, it is far from the only issue facing the country. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is promising a £150bn investment in public services and infrastructure over the next 5 years, with additional funding to transition the country from fossil fuels to renewable and low carbon energy sources. Meanwhile the Tories have promised additional funding for the police and NHS as well as investment in public infrastructure, however they see Labour’s plan as unrealistic, with Chancellor Sajid Javid calling it,“fantasy economics.”
The environment is also set to be an important issue, with many calling this, “the climate election.” Many environmental activists argue that the government’s 2050 target for net zero emissions is too late, with many asking for 2030 or even 2025 targets. So far the Liberal Democrats have brought the target forward to 2045, with the Greens at 2030. Labour are yet to release their 2019 manifesto, but it is thought that under pressure from groups like “Labour for a Green New Deal” that they will match the Green Party’s 2030 target.


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