Ella Woodward: the healthy eating overhaul

Since our younger days, we hear about it all the time; in the media, through our school teachers, from our parents. Eating healthy; what once seemed like every human being’s nemesis has now turned into, what can only be described as, a major trend. With major bloggers such as Ella Woodward, author of thevegan cookbook ‘Deliciously Ella’, on the rise, and even celebrities like Beyoncé turning to the plant-based diet – is it just a fad, or is there some truth to the ‘eat yourself healthy’ mantra?

Ella Woodward describes her journey to veganism at the very beginning of her cookbook, saying that she felt ‘healed’ after taking on her new healthy eating adventure. For many people, this can seem like a completely foreign statement – healthy eating having ‘healing powers’!? It seems incredibly unlikely, as much as we are told how much the right food can benefit our bodies, to say that food can do as much as cure us from illness seems extreme. But why is it that so many people’s immediate reactions are that this is extreme, or that it probably wasn’t the food but some other change in her lifestyle? After all, they could be totally right, but on that same level – so could she!

The most important thing to learn from the rise of healthy food being the new ‘cool’, is that switching your diet could be a great thing for you. Our bodies are constantly changing and developing, and our diet needs to be just as flexible as we are. It’s great that bloggers like Ella healed themselves through a change of diet, but it is always important to remember that what works for her might not in fact work for you. It’s not always just about eating a load of fruit and vegetables every day, but working out what your body needs. Healthy could mean a totally different thing to each and every single person, whether that’s veganism or a high-protein diet.

Just like with trends in other things, whether that’s food, fashion, even music, the ‘healthy food trend’ should be seen on a different level and taken seriously. We shouldn’t be so quick to doubt that these people are fooling themselves, especially if we haven’t tried it ourselves. Healthy eating, whether in fashion or not, is obviously the better route to a healthy life. It’s great that it’s now been brought to the forefront of our culture by being a trend, but it’s also important to see past that. Whatever food trends come and go, the main point to take from stories like Ella’s is that the right diet can change a lot. So much of the vitamins and minerals we stock up on at Boots are found naturally in food, and there’s no reason to doubt food as being the greatest medicine. The key lies in listening to your body, knowing what’s right for you, and tailoring your diet with just your body and your health in mind.


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