Emma Balmer on the beauty of Domino’s

It’s thick and plump yet crisp and sturdy, it’s the most pleasurable experience of student life: Domino’s.

Whether you’re under your covers hiding from shame from the night before or you’re relaxing with your your friends, Domino’s is the one.

You’ll probably be too hungover to think about your choice but that’s not a problem because you can go half and half and have the best of both worlds. Thats the beauty of it, half the work has been done for you, its all the pizza with less of the thought. Meanwhile, you’ve got to weigh up your options- starvation or plunging ever deeper into your over draft. Thankfully, neither of which need to happen with Domino’s because of the student discount.

Why would you possibly go for a pizza made in a hut over a forever pleasing Domino’s pizza?


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