Employers ‘don’t understand CV abbreviations’

Ever felt the soul crushing pressure that accompanies putting together your CV? Perhaps you don’t know which extra- curricular activities to list, or the best way to spin travelling Australia for six months as a ‘transferrable life skill’. Well, it turns out all the hard work that goes into your curriculum vitae may just be wasted, with 42% of employers binning CVs due to a lack of understanding, as the majority struggle to understand the complicated jargon used by candidates.

While UEA students are no strangers to acronyms, it has been revealed that 57% of employers don’t know their BAs from their BTECs, and as many as 95% were unable to identify the most advanced qualification from a list that included BTEC and NVQ.

This is just adding to the belief held by over two-thirds of employers that confusing jargon and flowery language are merely used to cover up inadequacies in CVs.

Chrissie Maher OBE, Founder and Director of the Plain English Campaign, said: “The research carried out by the City & Guilds highlights a serious problem. Plenty of employers won’t have a clue about the candidates ability to do the job if they don’t know what a qualification is worth, or even what it means”.

So what does this mean for UEA students? Coming from a university with many acronyms, it means that more than ever we need to prove that our qualifications are applicable to the world of work. Secondly, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve studied Business, English, or Extreme Fishing; make sure to tell your future employers how and why your degree is applicable to the real life. Sometimes to get noticed you just have to spell it out for them.

But of course, don’t forget, it’s what goes on your CV that matters more than how you phrase it in the first place.


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August 2022
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