Empowerment: the casual sex generation

The days of fighting for another’s attention in order to eventually get into their pants, some would say, are long gone. Taking a someone out for numerous dates and attempting to get to know them is a thing of the past. The truth is, people just don’t make the effort anymore. The chase is gone. Is chivalry really dead? Has the idea of romance fizzled away with the times? This is the Netflix and chill generation.

What happened to waiting until marriage? Casual sex has boomed since the 60s hippie movement, as sleeping with someone on a night out, only to never speak to them ever again, is no longer frowned upon. Sex has become an act of pleasure rather than a marital bond. Some may argue that this idea of having sex with someone outside of a relationship is destroying the meaning behind “making love”, and turning it into a sport rather than an emotional act.

Is this necessarily a bad thing? Casual sex has allowed us, as a society, to become more liberal and accepting towards others. We are able to experiment and enjoy sex, without feeling guilty or having to hide it. It is allowing us to discover what we like at our own pace. We are no longer feeling the pressure of getting into a relationship simply to avoid criticism.

What triggered this sudden change in societies’ view towards sex? One aspect would definitely be the growth of the internet. Match.com, one of the first online dating sites, was created in 1994 when only 5% of Americans had access to a computer. However, since then this number has increased to three billion people around the world. Apps such as Tinder have allowed us to quickly find someone in our area that we find attractive, and basically agree to have sex with them. This has expanded our horizons and enabled us to meet people without having to break the ice. ‘No strings attached’ is the new motto.

The rise in feminism and decline in the position of religion in society could also be a factor. Women are now more liberal and believe that they should enjoy sex just as much as men. People don’t necessarily care how many sexual partners you’ve had anymore. Also, the religious morals behind abstaining from sex are no longer really around, so people don’t see promiscuity as a bad thing. The rise of porn has also allowed us to view sex in a more objective manner, and sex toy shops such as Ann Summers are no longer a taboo. Sex is being seen as a natural act rather than being sacred. It is being advertised everywhere and becoming a capitalistic product.

However, is this change unnatural? The view on casual sex has developed over time like fashion. The Romans and Greeks used to engage in orgies constantly. Our society’s morals change all the time, and this acceptance we have now towards sex will probably come back around in a number of years. Ultimately, we are simply animals. Sex is normal and ingrained into our minds. It is all around us. Principles may change over time, but sex will always be there.


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