England suffer disappointing defeat

In tonight’s match, with a 1-0 defeat to Belgium, England was beaten for the first time in World Cup 2018 and finished their group in second seed.

Before this match, it was certain that both England and Belgium have qualified for the round of 16. The importance of this game was, the winner was going to secure the top seed in Group G. The tricky thing with this group is, there is a possibility that the team who finishes this group on top can play Brazil in the quarterfinals. And most of the sport writers and fans were thinking that both teams would do anything to avoid a match with Brazil.

After seeing the starting 11’s for both of the teams it became obvious that both teams were not risking their important players and this match could be below the expectations. England’s captain Kane was rested and players like Lukaku, Hazard and Kompany were also in Belgium’s bench.

The first half of the game was quite slow. Both teams had some chances but in general it looked like an even game. After the first half, we were hoping for a faster game and maybe some goals. During the second half, in 5 minutes, with a goal from Adnan Januzaj, Belgium took the lead. After this goal, England started to play faster but Belgium also responded to their game. England’s manager Southgate also made some changes in the game and brought in Welbeck. However, this move backlashed because some of the British fans laughed at Welbeck and his performance. Near the end of the game, Belgium missed some really important chances and the match finished with a 1-0 score. But it seems like, despite this loss, British people are still happy, because in a way they avoided a possible match against Brazil.

After the game, England’s midfielder Eric Dier said “We want to win every game and we are disappointed we couldn’t do that today.” He later added, “It was quite an even game. We created some good changes. We needed to finish one of them”.

This match was expected to be the most exciting and moving match of the group. However, all the fans at the stadium and people who were watching the game at their homes were complaining about how the game was below their expectations and they were actually getting bored. But overall, this was Belgium’s first win over England during a World Cup tournament and they will play against Japan in the Round of 16.

England will play against Colombia on Tuesday. There aren’t any matches tomorrow in Russia and the Round of 16 will start on Saturday with 2 matches: France vs Argentina and Uruguay vs Portugal.

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