Scotland declares indefinite fracking ban

Scotland recently declared an indefinite ban on fracking. The moratorium applies to all planning consents for unconventional oil and gas extraction north of the border and includes fracking for shale gas. The announcement by the Scottish National Party came just two days after MPs in the House of Commons overwhelmingly rejected an amendment calling for…

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Probiotics may be the key to curing peanut allergies

Researchers in Melbourne, Australia, have conducted ground-breaking research which may result in a cure for peanut allergies. The research from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute will be welcomed by the approximately 500,000 UK peanut allergy sufferers for its potentially life-changing effects. Sufferers of the allergy have to be constantly aware of what they are eating…


Healthy fat tissue may help reverse type 2 diabetes

Researchers from Melbourne’s Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, and the RIKEN Institute in Japan have found they are able to “reverse” type 2 diabetes by lowering the inflammatory response that occurs in fat tissue. The researchers, led by Dr Vasanthakumar, found regulatory T-cells (specialised immune cells also known as Tregs) help in maintaining insulin sensitivity…

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