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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

What else I learnt from the Daily Telegraph

Environment editor Peter Sheehan on what the Daily Telegraph preaches about the environment.

Climate change? Prove it! – What I learnt from the Daily...

Environment editor Peter Sheehan looks into what popular tabloid the Daily Mail has to say about climate change.

Planet Earth may be more blue than previously thought

Chloe Moore on the recent study that found that parts of deep Earth are filled with trapped water.

Panasonic and China’s state-owned pollution problem

Ilyas Christofides looks into the pollution problem in China.

Genghis Khan’s empire of mild weather

Amelia Edwards looks in to the weather of the Mongol Empire.

The cow and the pig – saving water to raise money...

Marte Melkevik on how dressing as a cow and pig and saving water is raising money for charity.