Erase the stigma, put down the razor

I can’t believe this is something I would say during my time in England but ‘it’s so hot’. As I sat in my two-hour seminar, I kept fanning myself and cursing the fact that none of the windows could be opened.

It’s official – winter is finally over. Thank every deity out there because I could not stand another day in a freezing house because we, as students, are too cheap to put the heating on.

With warmer weather comes spring and summer clothing such as shorts, tank tops and swimsuits. It was this realisation that raised the issue of body hair – or rather, the stigma that surrounds it. How many times have people shown disgust at women who’ve forgone shaving their armpit hair? Or even their leg hair?

Yet, it isn’t the same attitude towards men. In fact, people view males who shave anything but facial hair as effeminate and not the norm. Has anyone ever taken a step back and realised how trivial discussing the subject is? It’s just hair.

Yet I constantly find myself shaving my legs prior to wearing shorts because it’s something I’m used to. I remember the first time I ever touched a razor, it was in a hotel room in Malaysia or Thailand and my parents had gone out. I had found the utilities provided by the hotel which included a razor and shaving cream.

To this point, I never saw having body hair as an issue but this changed once I grew older. Teenagers, especially females, are constantly exposed to advertisements for hair removal products so that the idea of being shaven is ingrained into us. That it’s something we must do. But now I find myself caring less. I thought as winter passed, I would restart the habit of shaving my legs several times a week, but I haven’t touched a razor in weeks.

Today, I’m wearing a dress and I honestly found that I didn’t care that I hadn’t shaved my legs. It’s just hair. So what if people stare? It’s natural and the only time I’ll remove it is when I want to, not when other people want me to.

Of course, I understand that some people remove hair for hygienic purposes and that’s absolutely fine. People should do what they want with their own body. It’s similar to clothing and slut-shaming.

Why do so many people have to comment on what people wear when it has nothing to do with them? So what if they wear short shorts? So what they wear a skimpy top? Is it hurting you? No, it isn’t.

How someone having body hair doesn’t harm anyone else at all. So enjoy the warmer weather and wear what you want, with the body you want.

There are much bigger problems to be worrying about than someone’s body hair offending you.


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January 2021
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