Where to escape for a revision break?


Whether you want to try something new or are a bubble tea fanatic (like me), Chatime is a great place for a break. There’s a vast selection on the menu, enough so you could try a new drink every weeks. The staff are friendly and the shop is spacious with a couple of tables but you can also have the bubble tea prepared for takeaway. Another thing I love about Chatime is that they leave games (e.g. four in a row, checkers, etc.) on the tables which encourages customers to interact with each other. If you ever want to disconnect from the world, I strongly suggest you visit Chatime. Take a break from revision and enjoy. AN

Elm Hill

Along with being one of the most famous streets in Norwich, Elm Hill offers a picturesque escape from the bustle of the city. If you can embrace the prospect of cobbled streets, taking a walk down Elm Hill will transport you into a fairytale version of the past. The street contains buildings dating back to the sixteenth century or earlier, which makes it one of the most photogenic streets in the city! Whilst there aren’t many shops, you should not miss the (low key creepy) bear shop which has a window full of teddy bears or, venture to The Teahouse cafe for tea and cake as a reward! RB

Sainsbury Centre

If you ever can’t find a space in the library or want an afternoon of relaxation, the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts is the place to go. It’s an absolutely beautiful place, and far away from the bustling main part of campus. If you don’t know where the Sainsbury Centre is, walk towards the Ziggurats on the concrete walkway and you’ll find it at the end. There is a restaurant in the centre if you get hungry, or just want a quick cup of coffee or tea. The restaurant has a floor to ceiling window which makes it a great place to relax with a wonderful view. It’s slightly better than your average Costa. AN

Chapelfield Gardens

Want to destress outdoors? Check out the Chapelfield Gardens. It’s close to the city centre, and a great place to hang out after a busy day. Treat yourself with a picnic at the weekend with your friends. During summertime, the flowers will bloom; a calming and beautiful surrounding. Chapelfield Gardens is large enough that you can enjoy solitude. There’s space for children to run about in addition to playing equipment. If you’re peckish, there is a Mexican restaurant (Pedro’s Tex- Mex Cantina) and cafe (BB’s Coffee and Muffins) nearby. AN

Norwich Market

A busy market might not sound like the most obvious of choices for a place to destress, but, with over 200 stalls to browse at your leisure from fruit and vegetables to vintage clothes and books the market really does offer something for everyone. Take a break from studying to treat yourself to something to eat from the many food stalls on the market – try out the surprisingly affordable fish and chips if you’re feeling traditional, or pick up one of the slightly disconcerting drinks served in actual light bulbs at Falafel and Friends, go fancy with a cake from the neon-lit Figbar bakery stall or give the delicious Spanish street food at Churros & Chorizo a go. RB

DEV Farm

You probably know about DEV farm even if you haven’t heard of the name before. DEV Farm is a five to ten minute walk from the UEA lake. If you like animals, then DEV Farm is for you as the farm houses Shetland ponies and donkeys along with other animals. Feel free to bring apples and carrots for them, and if they get close enough, you can pet them. There is scientific evidence that interacting with animals can increase oxytocin (a stress-reducing hormone) and decrease cortisol (a stress hormone). Visiting DEV Farm also allows you to get some fresh air which is never a bad thing. AN

The Lanes

Head towards the backstreets of the city, otherwise known as The Lanes, to get your shopping fix. Packed full of quirky gift shops and independent tea rooms, The Lanes represent what Norwich does best. Highlights include the vintage wonderland that is Biddy’s tea room, the deservingly popular Grosvenor Fish Bar as well as the eclectic mix of shops, ranging from the extravagant shoes shoes sold in Irregular Choice to Wilkinson’s Tea & Coffee Merchants, which sells over 160 different varieties of loose leaf teas. Venture further afield and you will find St Gregory’s Antiques & Collectables, a church repurposed as an antique store. RB

Eaton Park

Conveniently situated on the 25 bus route, Eaton Park, otherwise known as the park that Pimp My Barrow passes through every year, is the ideal place to escape if you are ever in need of a change of scene from the concrete walls of campus. In the now long forgotten summer months, the park offers the perfect spot for picnics and sunbathing but that doesn’t mean it is any less worth visiting in winter approaches! If you are feeling brave, a walk round the park is a perfect opportunity to admire the park’s slightly out of place looking domed buildings (which are actually Grade II listed). RB


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