Escape Room Shenanigans

Escape Rooms are fun – each one you go to is a unique experience. Many of my favourite memories have taken place in them. I’d like to share a few.

Of all the places, my first escape room experience was actually in Budapest. On our stay, my friends and I googled things to do in the city, and this was what popped up. After trundling on many trams and getting a little bit lost in the outskirts of the city, we buzzed the intercom to a random block building. After gaining access, we were given directions to walk downstairs into a basement. The setting felt like we had entered a homicidal maniac’s lair. Things didn’t help when the host handed clipboards to us, asking us to sign a form agreeing not to hold him liable if we got panic attacks during the game (slightly concerning). Despite the initial start, we had so much fun playing the game! It was Harry Potter themed and used lots of props that honoured the film – think portkeys and wands! All in all, we appreciated this random Hungarian man’s creativity and effort into designing the game.

My second escape room was in my hometown with some friends of mine from sixth-form college. The theme this time was ‘Armageddon’, which featured a live actor mad scientist putting his drama school experience to good use. Together, we had to stop an asteroid attack – however my friends and I thought it would be funny to get very drunk on cheap cocktails right before the game. As a result, we were horrifically useless and acted like caged up monkeys. The only success was being a source of entertainment to the people running the game. They even gave us an extra ten minutes to finish the game out of pity.  

My most recent experience of escape rooms was an interesting one. The invitation was thrown upon me when meeting my boyfriend’s parents for the first time. The premise of this game was to work together in a heist to rob a bank. Not only did the escape room test my intelligence when solving a puzzle, but I had the added stress of making a good first impression on my boyfriend’s family. Thankfully, it didn’t end in tears and was really bonding, but I did have the tendency to snatch things from my boyfriend’s little brother in the heat of the moment!

I don’t really remember the details of each code and lock I had to hack in these escape rooms. What I do remember is the company and the fun I had along the way. Whether it’s a board game, or something more energetic, games bring people together. I look forward to trying the escape rooms out in Norwich with the people I’ve grown close to me here. 

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