Esteemed literary journal finds new home at UEA

The Critical Quarterly literary journal will now be based in the University of East Anglia. Since its start at the University of Cambridge in 1958, the journal has published literary criticism, cultural studies, poetry and fiction.

‘CQ has a great tradition of printing brilliant but accessible criticism, across the whole historical range of English Literature, but also in particular engaging with contemporary culture including film, television and recorded music’, said Matthew Taunton, Deputy Editor of Critical Quarterly and Senior Lecturer at UEA, ‘I want us to keep up that tradition and find ways of reaching a new generation of readers’.

Following up on plans to reach out to a wider range of readers, Jack Manzi, a Philosophy PhD student at UEA has been appointed as a Social Media Editor for the journal. Taking a more active role in commissioning for the journal, Taunton has been the Deputy Editor of the journal since 2012.

‘I was a keen reader of Critical Quarterly when I was a graduate student in London,’ Taunton said. ‘When I finished my PhD, the job of Associate Editor became vacant, I jumped at the opportunity. My main job was to read all the unsolicited articles and to pass them on to other editors if I thought they were interesting. I also got involved in editing and commissioning special issues’.

Already, a number of UEA faculty members have contributed to the journal or edited special issues including Rachel Potter, Tommy Karshan, Jos Smith and David Nowell Smith. ‘We hope that in the next few years Critical Quarterly will become an important part of the intellectual fabric of the humanities faculty at UEA, with faculty members and PhD students getting involved as writers and editors’, Taunton said.

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