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If you possess even the most fleeting of interest in the High Street, you’ll be aware that Alexander Wang (the man with the hilarious name) has designed a range for H&M. The internet has been going insane about it and people would probably rip a collection piece from your cold dead hands to have it in their wardrobe, but personally I don’t see the fuss over the collection. Sure, it’s always great when one of the high and mighty gods of fashion gives us earthly mortals with a collection we can actually afford. Wang probably isn’t going to cause the stampede that Isabela Marrant’s collection did though, the mass appeal just isn’t there.

If you want to buy anything from the collection, you’ll probably have to do it online. When they’re restocked, that is. Unless your alarm was set for 9.59 on Wednesday 6th November, you’re going to have to wait now. What should you actually look for though? Think for a second before you put those leather gym shorts in your basket. Are you getting them because you like them or because Alexander Wang told you to? That’s what I thought. Save your money for something you’ll actually wear, like the oversized jumper or zip-detailed trousers.

I am definitely not the target audience for up-styled gym clothes, which makes up the majority of the collection. Wang’s collection is all about stylish athletic wear and, like his first collection back in the day, it’s mostly black. With a little bit of grey. Ooh, adventurous. Everything also has his name or initials splashed all over them. Even the socks have Wang written down their heel. Whilst buying the socks seems a little excessive, if you’re young and hip and love to pump iron (if that’s what the kids call it nowadays), you should invest in two or three pieces from this collection. They’re affordable, pretentious enough to show off your fashion knowledge, and most importantly for a High Street store, wearable. That is if you don’t mind a massive Wang on your chest. The clothes themselves look a little 90s, but are a huge step forward in athletic wear. The materials are breathable, water-repellent, and quick drying. I’m assured those are good things for the gym. Four words you should take from this collection: black, branded, neoprene, oversized.

Despite how good or bad you think the clothes are, it’s about time you had something nice to wear to the gym. Wang might not have hit the nail directly on the head, but he’s only a couple of inches or two away it. Plus if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, think of it as a precursor to Beyoncé’s partnership with Topshop wherein she plans to launch a range of active wear.


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January 2022
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