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Exploring the highly anticipated update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If I’m honest, I haven’t been on Animal Crossing New Horizons for two months. My islanders were not pleased to say the least, especially Agnes. After ruffling my hair back into place and ridding my house of cockroaches, I set off to beg my villagers for forgiveness. 

The reason for my return to the game was the highly anticipated 2.0 update. After a year of owning the game I had become complacent with my island. The update was scheduled for release on the 5th of November but was released a day early, so I went to explore it.

Isabelle greeted me by announcing that as resident representative, I will oversee ordinances and that I can now go to uninhabited islands via boat trips from the island pier. To find out what an ordinance is I went to see her, where she explained that, as resident representative, I can pass or dismiss ordinances to make life easier on my island. Whenever I want to do this, I can talk to her to ‘review island features.’ To be able to enact an ordinance you have to pay 20,000 bells for ‘paperwork.’ There are four different ordinances: The Beautiful Island ordinance, The Early Bird ordinance, The Night Owl ordinance and The Bell Boom ordinance.

As I was already in the town hall, I checked the Nook Stop to explore its new services! Island life 101 gives you daily advice and information on living on the island. Be a chef! DIY Recipes+ allows you to make a kitchen at a workbench and the kitchen allows you to make food with crops you’ve grown (seeds can be purchased from Leif) or ingredients you’ve collected! The Pro Camera app updates the camera on your phone by using the – button, allowing you to see from your character’s perspective. There are also three new updates to the custom designs app. The Custom Design Pro Editor+ gives you the ability to design face cut out standees, hand held flags, umbrellas and uchiwa fans as well as adding 50 design slots. The Custom Designs Portal means that you can press on the X whilst on the custom designs app to access the online design portal. Custom Designs Patterns+ gives you a wide new range of patterns that you can wear, and put on the floor or the wall by pressing + on the custom design app.

After running around trying out the new features I found Norma in my house which means that islanders can finally invade your personal space like you do to them! How exciting!

The most highly anticipated part of this update is the return of Brewster. After running around the island trying to find the café, I finally found Blathers with a thought bubble over his head. Blathers ponders over opening a café in their museum to attract more visitors, but mentions that Brewster hasn’t been seen for a long time. He hints that Brewster may be in search of Gyroids and could be on an uninhabited island.

I ran as fast as my ‘B’ button would take me to my island pier to find Kapp’n sitting happily on a boat. Trips on the boat cost 1,000 miles which is fully worth it just to listen to Kapp’n to sing you songs on the journey, which you can clap along to. When you arrive at the island, Kapp’n explains that the same rules apply on the boat tours as with the plane tours with acquiring tools and if you leave anything on the island, you can’t get it back. On these islands, there is a chance you may discover rare plants such as glowing moss, and vines growing up the cliffs which you can take back and install on your own island.

Eventually, I found Brewster wandering around an island, so I spoke to him and he gave me a Gyroid fragment. You can bury these in a hole and water them. When you see the buried fragment puff with steam, the Gyroid is ready to be dug up! When you return to Blathers after your boat adventure, he is stressed because Brewster is a bird that likes to act quickly and therefore will arrive soon, meaning the museum will be closed for a day for construction before his arrival.

I think that is all for the update so if you need me, I’ll be hiding under my duvet for a month or so, running around my island.

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