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A month of uni. Done. I realised this on Saturday as we worked away in the Media Office. For me Saturdays consist of two main events: editing Concrete and listening to the football. But last Saturday was different. It was ‘Super Saturday’ – the latest day of reckoning in the Brexit saga. Three years ago I was under the impression Brexit would never bring a smile to my face. Considering Brexit is all anyone talks about, I was thankfully wrong. Brexit is great. I love it. I love listening to people’s arguments and debates. I love the unpredictability of this mega drama that is consuming everything in its path. 

But even great drama needs a plot, and at the moment, Brexit’s has hit a wall. We’re stuck in the mud mere centimetres from another enthralling plot twist. 

There was a way past this lull in the drama. There was a deal. And MPs could have agreed to it. And the country would have bumbled forward into new and even more interesting territory. Instead the Remainer Brigade have hit the pause button and rewinded just to make sure this whole Brexit drama is really happening. Maybe they haven’t heard. There was this referendum thing. And whatever the percentages, the majority voted to leave. It feels like we’ve recapped the plot for them so many times that either they’re trying to waste our time or they just don’t understand what’s going on. Either way, it’s infuriating.

To be fair, passing this deal with a Nike ‘Just Do It’ sentiment won’t solve Brexit. We will not have taken back control of whatever we’re meant to be taking control of. But passing the deal would take us past this broken record rut we’re stuck in.

More referendums are a waste of money. If we believe in parliamentary democracy – as in, voting people into parliament who will take decisions on our behalf – then any referendum comes close to being a step backwards. MPs should vote for and against the issues of the day based on their experience and opinion, not based on the opinions of their constituents. Perhaps many of the Remainer troupe are doing exactly that. But I’m going to hazard a guess and say a few are thinking of putting the safety of their seat above what is best for the country in their political opinions.

But enough Brexit, for now. Let’s focus on the paper. Spare our Lead Photographer Roo Pitt a moment’s thought. Not only has he been snapping photos of the Environmental Sciences building following the latest and rather embarrassing university data leak, he also accompanied our Sports Editor Jamie Hose to his interview with Norwich City Women’s captain Millie Daviss. The photos are fantastic, and the interview is sublime. Check that out on page 12. Daviss has revealed what it’s like to balance university work and commitments with a budding career in football.

On page 11 Features Senior Writer Jake Walker-Charles reveals how racism is affecting medical students at UEA. Jake’s been working on this story since the university’s meeting to discuss the attainment gap between BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) and non-BAME medical students.

As ever, keep up to date with all things Concrete by following us on social media @ConcreteUEA, and tune in to Livewire every Tuesday at 5pm to hear us chat about the paper and play a few tunes!

Equally watch out this Friday – the Media Collective Halloween bar crawl will be in full swing, so keep an eye out for the costumes. I’ve always thought guys come off worse in Halloween costumes, but maybe it’s just me. I’m edging towards a Baywatch outfit but I’m still missing the key ingredient: rock hard abs. But perhaps I’m just not being creative enough. I saw someone very convincingly dressed up as a crayon for a night out last week (you know who you are). It was a pink dress with all the bells and whistles… it even had Crayola branding on the front! I guess I’ll have to draw inspiration from that.

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