41.24% of UEA students told us they had faked an orgasm with a sexual partner. 20 respondents said they were not sure whether they had or not, perhaps showing there’s some confusion about what orgasming actually means. Amongst the answers to this question, many people said they had faked it because they didn’t want their partner to “feel embarrassed” or “disappointed in themselves”.

Other respondents however said they had faked it because they were bored or tired, and wanted the sex to finish. “Because I just wanted the sex to be over. He was determined to make me finish and it was getting boring,” one respondent told us. It’s not just girls – guys told us they had pretended as well.

A study by scientists at the University of Kansas into why people pretend to climax asked more than 1,400 students their reasonings. They broke responses into six reasons: it feels good, for their partner’s confidence, they’re not into sex, for manipulation and power, insecurity, emotional connection.

The majority of UEA’s answers concerned wanting the sexual experience to end or not wanting to hurt the feelings of their partner, rather than any power play (thankfully).

A survey by Durex last year stated that British people fake 100 million orgasms every week, so the UEA students faking ‘the big O’ are far from anomalies.