The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Review: A recommended watch

‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ is Marvel’s next Disney+ series. The series follows the characters of Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), aka the Falcon and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), also known as the Winter Soldier. Now that Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are gone, Bucky and Sam are trying to find their place in this post-Blip world but are faced with the problem of a group of masked marauders known as the Flag Smashers.

The opening action scene of the first episode sets up the series really well and shows that Marvel is trying to prove that what they can do on the big-screen can also be done on the small-screen. With this series it feels less of a puzzle in comparison to ‘WandaVision’ and feels more like the Marvel movies we have grown to love. Additionally, the chemistry between Bucky and Sam is a highlight of this series. I love how the characters ‘bounce off’ each other, and the humour between these characters is a driving force behind the show. It’s a great mix of comedy, action and depth.

In just three episodes, we have already seen more acknowledgement of Sam’s struggle as a Black superhero than we have in any other MCU movie. Additionally, we’ve watched Bucky seek help for his mental health struggles and try to bring justice to those he worked for as the Winter Soldier. The series touches on real life issues which is another reason why audiences may connect more with this series compared to ‘WandaVision’.

The series also introduces us to a ‘new Captain America’ taken on by the character John Walker (Wyatt Russell). However, he doesn’t come across as having the same morals and values as Steve Rogers. Arguably, he could be one of the most hated characters in the MCU. This could be due to the way Russell’s character interacts with Bucky and Sam. Also, we have the return of Sharon Carter, who we met in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and we see how she is dealing with her life after the events of that movie.

Definitely recommend the series! Now available to stream on Disney+.

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