Marilyn Monroe

With her platinum blonde hair, red lips and beauty spot Marilyn Monroe is a name and face that is synonymous with the 1950s. Women wanted to be her and men wanted her to be theirs – with those killer curves and sex appeal who could blame them? Marilyn is renowned for her glamorous wardrobe from the iconic cerise pink dress to the infamous white gown. Amongst all this glitz she also opted for chic ensembles outside of her films, dressed in beige and black her simple outfits emphasised her beauty even more.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn epitomised elegance and is a prime example of how less is most definitely more. Always rely on your little black dress when you’re off out on the town? Well, this wardrobe essential was popularised by Miss Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. With her beehive hair-do and an exceptional selection of accessories, she showed how stunning simplicity is. So much so that she was Givenchy’s muse for many years who she saw as a “creator of personality”. Her pixie cut hair-do was also a trademark of hers and is a hairstyle that remains popular sixty years down the line!

Grace Kelly

One of the most photographed women of the 20th century was Hollywood’s own princess Grace Kelly. Grace epitomised classic and timeless beauty with her immaculate wardrobe that included cotton shirts, dresses with synched in waists and beautifully cut coats – fit for a princess. Her wedding dress is also an exquisite example of why she is a fashion icon with its intricate lace details it was the inspiration for Kate Middleton’s gown for the Royal Wedding in 2011. She’s even got a Hermés bag named after her in her honour if that doesn’t scream fashion icon then what does?

James Dean

There is no denying that James Dean was one of the handsome and iconic men of the 1950’s. The key to Dean’s style was effortlessness. He rarely accessorised and his outfits were basic and minimalistic. Even though he kept it simple James still made a statement with his leather jacket and blue jean combo – making sure the collar was always up to create that effortless cool. Although it wasn’t a look he wore often he definitely knew a thing or two about the formal dress but even then he kept it simple. His hair was just as iconic as his wardrobe, using Brylcreem and a comb to create that trademark quiff!

Elizabeth Taylor

Just like her eye make-up Elizabeth Taylor was bold and beautiful. Her style was brave, admirable and inspirational. She loved her diamonds and had an elaborate collection of jewels and trinkets. In the early days, Taylor was often seen in dresses with straps that sat on her shoulders and risky, plunging necklines; she liked to push boundaries and start trends. Up until her death, Taylor was never seen looking anything less than glamorous.

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