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Fashion & Beauty Resolutions

Thou shalt develop and stick to a skincare routine
As someone who doesn’t wear makeup very often, I am very comfortable being barefaced, but there are always ways to get better and healthier looking skin, even on a budget. By the end of this year, beauty gods willing, I will be in the habit of hydrating my skin to perfection through water consumption and moisturising, protecting my skin via Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and, thus, walking around with an indisputable glow.

Thou shalt learn to fleek the brow and other make up things
Makeup can be a very powerful tool. It allows people to cover up their insecurities, extenuate their favourite features or, if they really want to, almost totally transform their appearance. This year I want to learn how to harness this skill. Armed with YouTube tutorials and step by step blog posts, I am going to give it all a go.

Thou shalt explore with colour and the lack thereof
I love to wear colour. I also love to wear black and this year I will wear both to the extremes and everything in between. I will be buying brighter makeup palettes, rocking electric blue lipstick and experimenting with dyed grey hair.

Thou shalt purchase items of quality over quantity
I love to shop and fast fashion really capitalises on this. I really love to go into a store and walk around and pick out the things that speak to me. Fast fashion is the process of churning out clothes season after season at the lowest cost for our consumptive needs. As a lover of shopping, however, I have experienced my fair share of beautiful garments that inevitably fade beyond recognition, warp three sizes too small or too big and come to fall apart. So the next time I fill up my shopping basket, it will be with beautiful clothes that, though they may cost a bit more, will stand the test of time.

Thou shalt learn about the trends and disregard them
Twice a year we are flooded with trends that designers have featured which we are heavily encouraged to purchase and wear. While I find that it is great to learn and appreciate them for what they are, I am also aware that not all of them will suit me. Rather than forcing myself into a Victorian-inspired blouse or boho flared jeans, I will be wearing what makes me feel good this year, whatever that may be, even if it is from last year’s trends, because at the end of the day, feeling good in your own skin never goes out of style.

Thou shalt find a way to give back using fashion
The fashion and beauty industry has developed a bad reputation for being one that encourages a level of narcissism, vanity and wastefulness, but fashion and beauty can also be used to do a world of good. From the plethora of ethical brands popping up, to large brands releasing charity editions, we have a lot to choose from in terms of giving back with what we wear. However, while these methods are making a difference, they are for the most part created for profit; there are ways that we in our day to day lives can help make a difference. Whether it’s donating our unwanted clothes to homeless shelters and charity shops, or holding our own clothing sales and donating the money to charity we, through what we choose to wear, can help make a change.

My overall goal this year regarding fashion and beauty is to be more comfortable wearing whatever it is that I want, while also being considerate to my bank balance and the wider world around me. It’s a tall order but I do have 366 days to get it. Let’s see how it goes.


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