Fashion conscious: how Awemix watches are raising money for charity

Sustainable fashion is a phrase I’m sure you’re familiar with. Brands are being pushed to take responsibility for their impact and outreach – Awemix is well ahead of the curve. They actively involve charity work in every component of their business, constantly developing their collection of watches to support charitable causes.

Six months in and Awemix have raised over £215 pounds for The Norfolk Wildlife Trust & Keeping Abreast, CoppaFeel! and Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary.

Their collection of watches currently includes one for CoppaFeel! and Wildlife Conservation, where they use vibrant, distinctive designs to highlight the charities and promote awareness.

Ten per cent of each sale goes towards their chosen causes and the brand hope to continue to expand as support grows.

Having launched both the #MakeADifferenceChallenge and #TimeToCare campaign the brand encourages a conscious attitude to fashion that supports charity work.

By encouraging social action, Awemix hopes to build a network of volunteers to fight causes such as Breast Cancer, as highlighted by their choice in charities.

They called upon their online community to select CoppaFeel! and Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, receiving thousands of votes on social media.

They have also developed their ambassador programme to make a difference as a community, highlighting the importance of brands taking on social responsibility, and not just focusing on profit.

Find Awemix at their website or in local stockists in East Anglia such as DogFish and Catfish.

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