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Fashion has feelings

For some it’s a pair of heels, others a little black dress or a lipstick – we all have that go-to item in our wardrobe or make up bag that picks us up. On the flip side there are also THAT pair of joggers or baggy jumper we turn to when we just want to wallow. The power that clothes and cosmetics have over our mental state is often underestimated, but there is an undeniable connection.

“Clothes and beauty products act as a second skin, an armour, to either express or shield our feelings”.

Even during those days when you “can’t be bothered”, you’re subconsciously making the choice to reach for your hoodie rather than that tailored Topshop blazer. You’ll find certain items in your wardrobe have become the comfort blankets of the adult world, except they aren’t covered in dribble and felt tip scribbles – hopefully! However, sat on the sofa in your sweats with your two best friends Ben and Jerry won’t do you, or your waistline, any good.

“We’ve all been there. Even though it’s probably the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling a little low step away from the elasticated waistband and put down that hoodie”.

Put on something that makes you feel special, that turns your frown upside down. “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally” says the king of the heel, Christian Louboutin. We aren’t saying you should slip on a pair of killer heels in the library, but wear something that’s going to pick you up.

If you look good you’ll feel good and in the words of everyone’s favourite little redheaded orphan, ‘You’re never fully dressed without a smile!”

Make-up works in a similar way to clothing. It allows you to hide imperfections and emphasise your features, making your eyes pop and lashes double in length. Some prefer to keep it minimal whilst others favour a more dramatic look.

“A layer of foundation instantly makes me feel more confident, hiding any spots or blemishes that I’m worried about. Or, a smoky eye or dark red lip on a night partnered with a LBD can make you feel like a superstar after a rubbish day”.

Nurse, humanitarian and writer Roberta Gately once said “Lipstick is really magical. It holds more than a waxy bit of color – it holds the promise of a brilliant smile, a brilliant day, both literally and figuratively”. There’s something about putting on some slap that can transform how you’re feeling on the inside, just as much as the change on the outside.

Wearing no make-up in this day and age has many negative connotations due to the strong influence of the media, making us feel that we should appear picture perfect at all times. Daring to leave the house without any make-up is seen as an act of bravery and celebrities are often shamed for how different they look without it.

“People shouldn’t be judged on the amount of make-up that they wear or how they’re slightly unrecognisable without it”.
It might be hiding scars or give them the confidence they need to leave the security of their home. Wearing make-up doesn’t make you fake or a liar, it works on a much deeper level.

“Fashion isn’t only about looking beautiful, it’s about feeling beautiful too.Your clothes should reassure you that you are wonderful and as long as you feel confident in them then that’s all that matters”.

Everyone should have something in their wardrobe that gives them a confidence boost. Be it a chunky, oversized jumper that feels like a big warm hug every time you put it on. Or, that special dress that always makes you feel red carpet-ready on a night out. As long as it makes YOU feel amazing then that’s all that matters.


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gemmacarter Partial to a bit of musical theatre, nothing would make Gemma happier than people spontaneously bursting into song. As a third year English Literature student, you’re most likely to find her in the Hive drinking hot chocolate pretending it’s tea or coffee - because that’s what grown ups drink!

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October 2021
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