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Fashion: it’s a man’s world too

For those amongst us that have been stealing our boyfriend’s jackets and shirts for years, it is clear that they must be getting something right. You only have to look around campus to see that men have had their finger firmly on the fashion pulse for much longer than we may have realised. Men’s fashion is big news.

In comparison to the amount of direction given to women in fashion magazine and television, men have been left almost entirely to their own devices. As a result of this lack of guidance, many individual and eclectic styles have sprung up, as well, of course as some serious faux pas. But this is set to change as magazines such as The Sunday Times style supplement and Look are now frequently dedicating pages and whole issues to men’s fashion. London Fashion Week this year debuted a day devoted entirely to new season menswear.

With an abundance of men now using the phrases “Oh it’s vintage” and “I just picked it up in a charity shop” when complimented, the idea that men do not take an interest in fashion is being turned on its head. The previously clear line between the interest of men and women towards fashion is becoming increasingly blurred.

When high street chain H&M revealed a preview of their much-coveted collaboration with fashion house Versace, it came as no surprise that the range included cutting edge menswear. The range is not for the fainthearted, however, as it includes statement pieces such as graphic, monochrome print shirts and pink blazers.

It is definitely nice to see men being given a helping hand in looking food from the high street. Hopefully, someday soon, gone will be the days when men are forced to resort to women’s wear in search of a well-fitting pair of skinny jeans. It just goes to show the lengths some men are willing to go to get the kind of look they see in the press and on their celebrity style icons.

Do not be fooled into thinking that all men are ready to throw off their tracksuit bottoms and pour over the next issue of Glamour, but men’s fashion is becoming more and more acceptable and accessible. A word of warning, however, no matter how popular male grooming becomes, guy liner is and always will be a step too far.


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