Madz Abbasi – Fashion Editor
For summer, mix your daily facial moisturiser with sun cream for budget SPF protection, and ditch the foundation. Instead, get a summer glow by blending bronzer and blush and applying in an upwards motion to your cheekbones.


Photo: Moji Adegbile

Sophie Witts – Deputy Editor
Always choose comfort over style.

Zoë Jones – Comment Editor
Pull your trousers up, you look like you’ve pooed yourself. For jeans to keep their shape, they need at least 2/3% lyrca. My Granny taught me that one.

Pete Sheehan – Environment Editor
Scarves are an under-appreciated essential.

Sidonie Chaffer- Melley – Editor-in-Chief
Don’t wear nice shoes to the LCR.

Rob Drury – TV Editor
Just wear something, please. Nudity is still, thankfully, not socially acceptable.

Holly Wade – Film Editor
No matter your opinion on them, disco pants can definitely be a good look. Dress them up with heels for a glitzy occasion or add a pair of flats and a crop top for that casual LCR feel. Combining both style and comfort you’ll be free to dance all night long.

Anna Walker – Copy Editor
Top knots. Please don’t.

Hayden East – Venue Editor
Denim jacket, black skinny jeans, tan Timberland boots. Rinse and repeat.

A tip for those whose torso-leg proportion is a bit off: layer and go a bit baggier on top so it evens the long leg/short torso. Also, always go for hi-tops, boots – any footwear that covers the ankles – to shorten the legs

Stephenie Naulls – Copy Editor
Get with the suit illusion – every man looks better in that shirt and tie.

Ella Sharp – Fashion Editor
For beachy waves sleep with your hair in a bun and then spritz with salt spray. Tease out extra curls with tongs and finally spray and scrunch with hair spray.