Fashion tips for the New Term

  1. Get yourself organised As much as you may want to avoid it you are going to have to do some work and that work is much nicer when you have a load of lovely notebooks, pens and folders. Buying stationary is basically doing work right? I’m currently on the search for the ultimate wall calendar as I think it’ll get my shit together. If my wall calendar isn’t going to help me write my dissertation then I don’t know what is!
  2. If you can get a head start on some of your work, doEven if it’s only a tiny bit you’ll be grateful you did when the work starts piling up. Do that weekly reading for once in your life. The LCR will be so much more fun when you know you’re not behind in the first week.
  3. Buy yourself an item of clothing that will make you excited to get dressed in the morningThere’s nothing worse than waking up and not liking what you’re wearing it just puts you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. It could even just be a necklace or some shoes but treat yourself. I’ve personally made the big brunette to blonde change and I’m hoping the seminar leaders will notice the effort I have made for this term.
  4. Plan a great breakfastIt could be for your work timetable day or just because you know you’ll be hungover but nothing is worse than stale cereal and some mouldy soya milk. Go shopping the night before and buy a load of pancakes or fruit or croissants, whatever it is you like. It will put you in a good mood and it’s proven a good breakfast helps you concentrate better.
  5. Get a good skin routine goingIt will make yourself feel better in the mornings not waking up with panda eyes every day. Plus it’s a relaxing way to end the day with a little pamper session, I got the Decleor Neroli for Christmas (I’m not even sure what a serum is?) and you have to ‘raindrop’ it over your face. Trust me you feel fancy.
  6. Pat yourself on the back for making it through the weekThere is nothing wrong with congratulating yourself and you should be proud of yourself for doing little things, don’t ever let anyone put you down for being happy that you did a little thing well. University can be tough for a lot of people, so good for you for going and getting through each week. So plan something to treat yourself with at the end of the week. Even if it’s a little thing like buying a magazine you like, painting your nails, getting drunk at Loft, whatever floats your boat! Just know that you’re doing well and this term won’t be so bad.
  7. Remember that it is not the end of the worldGetting a bad grade or having to do a presentation you don’t want to are little things that when you’re 40 you’re not even going to remember so don’t be too hard on yourself, honestly you’re probably doing much better than you give yourself credit for.
  8. For the love of god drink some waterIt’s been a few weeks since that Christmas booze and a few days since first VK-drenched LCR of the year, and you don’t want to be dehydrated when the winter viruses hit. Don’t overly detox, it is possible to drink too much water and that’s no good for you either. Just put down the fizzy drinks and pick up the tap water.
  9. Wrap up warmIt’s always cold in Norwich, especially with that Easterly breeze. Invest in a massive scarf, like the ones in Zara’s sale at the moment. Wrap it around your body under your coat as well as around your neck, that way you can keep extra toasty. Get a woolly hat, but one that actually has wool in it. It will be breathable and won’t have the holes that the wind will just whistle straight through.
  10. Do a mass clear-out of your roomGo through all your belongings and do a big zen clear out. Having less junk surrounding you will make your work and living space feel more breathable. You’ll feel on top of everything if you get rid of the old tops of four years ago that you might wear again, or maybe wear to a costume party. It’s never going to happen. Chuck it all out my friend.

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