Fashion Trends to keep and forget in 2019

The new hues of 2018:

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the numerous products released by various cosmetics companies and collaborations; in 2018 alone, Jeffree Star released three full palettes and announced a fourth at the beginning of December. The release of the formidable James Charles x Morphe palette saw a huge range of colours become available in high-end formulas, adding to the growing trend of breaking free from the tired nudes and earthy tones of yesteryear. Break out the blues and greens, 2019 is the time for a new hue!

Ditch the plastic!

Plastic as a material has fallen out of favour, as people look for more sustainable options. One person desperate to cling to using plastic for as long as possible, however, is the social media giant Kim K. Sporting clear plastic heels, she has raised a few eyebrows on Instagram with the questionable Cinderella rip-offs. Many were quick to boot the heels, and rightly so. The unsightly fogginess of clear PVC in hot weather and squished-in toes at the ends of the shoes failed to sell Kim’s followers, making them a short-lived trend to definitely leave behind.

Larger-than-life garments:

Gone are the days of the skinniest of skinny jeans on the street. Ditch your spray-ons for a straighter, looser cut; enter the ‘mum jeans’. A more comfortable, casual style of denim has taken over, the option of comfort chic having become increasingly more appetising after a long period of the tightest items money can buy. This growing trend of oversizing applies to other items too – brands from H&M to Gucci are seizing the opportunity to market larger sweatshirts and jumpers for a more chilled out vibe, something that is sure to continue well into 2019 and beyond, thanks to the influence of the likes of Ariana Grande, a strong advocate for oversized clothing and comfort on the go.

‘Dad trainers’ – come on.

The clunky, chunky, and downright audacious shoes of your Dad’s choice in the ‘90s made a surprising comeback in 2018, popularised by their frequent inclusion on the runways in the past spring. Helped along by the Hadid sisters and Kardashians, Dad trainers saw a huge increase in sales over the summer. But as we enter the new year, the trend of ‘reengineering’ 1990’s fashion has become tired, and people are looking for newer, more original trends for their wardrobe – and feet. 2019 is the time to step up your footwear game, and you can do your shoes a favour by leaving Dad trainers in the previous century.

Year of the jungle?

We’ve entered a sort of animal print renaissance. There, I said it. I was surprised at the amount of animal-inspired patterns on the 2018 runways, but it looks like the age of stripes and cheques has come to a sorry end. Like it or not, snakeskin, leopard print and zebra stripes are the new street chic to be seen in. Dominating fashion month on streets and in high-fashion studios, embrace the wild. Bring out that leopard print top hiding at the back of the wardrobe! You’ll thank yourself for it this year.

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