Favourite drum songs – celebrating the sticks

Ni Ten Ichi Ryu – Photek

When people think drums, they usually think rock, but electronic drumming was so important for the development of the dance scene and Photek is such a brilliant example. Ni Ten Ichi Ryu is stripped to the core. It’s a torrent of disorienting beats. Blood-curdling, glassy notes descend and ricochet around your ears. Drawing from an obsession with Samurai, the rhythms are cutting, and the tinny production slices cleanly through the mix. The track is so spacious that every drum hit snaps with remarkable energy. Not only is it a superbly threatening track, it’s great to write that last minute essay to.

Callum Gray


Pushit (Salival) – Tool 

Danny Carey, master of the polyrhythm and known octopus, is the drummer of the progressive metal band Tool. His infectious energy and complex rhythmical ability create the backdrop and carry the tempo of every Tool song. My personal favourite piece of drumming from him is during the song ‘Pushit’ from the live Salival version. All throughout the song his subtle yet effective drumming carries an effective rhythm with the bass, guitar, and vocals, and the breakdown sees multiple percussive instruments being utilised to create a spectacular polyrhythm that builds to an explosive crescendo. 

James Ward


It’s Started – The Joy Formidable 

One song that springs to mind when I think of amazing drum solos is ‘It’s Started’ by The Joy Formidable, which features in their third album ‘Hitch’. The song ‘It’s Started’ opens with 50 seconds of an amazing drum solo that completely shifts the tone of the previous songs on the album, which are low in tempo. The bands drummer, Matt Thomas, is exceptionally skilled with the sticks and provides the perfect beginning for such a punchy, up tempo song, which I would imagine to be amazing played live. 

Jess Barrett


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