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The one thing that has kept me going since the lockdown began, which I have been rewatching almost every week, has to be Chris Martin’s live streamed session for Global Citizens’ #TogetherAtHome. The livestream happened just as lockdown was announced way back in late March, but still is one of my favourites.

Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, performed requests sent through by his fans during the Instagram livestream, but he did the livestream in an unorthodox way: performing them as snippets, which is probably the reason why I keep coming back to it despite other artists doing live streams nowadays. Even though most people were disappointed by the snippets, as they were expecting full acoustic versions of the song, I found it rather amusing as I would start singing along to his songs, the few he chose to perform, only for him to abruptly leave me hanging, but he usually did this to explain the origins of the song he had played, which was the exciting part. The songs he was providing snippets of were chosen from fan requests, which made it more interactive than other live streams. The highlight of the livestream was when he previewed their new song. At the end, the one special thing about this live stream was its unorthodox, yet interactive method taken on by Chris Martin while always remembering to remind us about the purpose of staying home throughout the ordeal. It felt more than just any music live stream session.

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May 2021
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