Jurnet’s Bar is a popular social hub for singers, comedians, musicals, performers, and UEA’s Creative Writing Society. However, a review of the site’s leases by the council has raised fears of Jurnet’s closure. 

The bar is in Wensum Lodge on King Street and is known for its underground scenery. The 12th-century undercroft, a traditional cellar, is what many visitors find most unique. The unusual decor makes the bar a much-loved destination in Norwich. The city council used to run the bar and run as a non-profit organisation.

However, the council have ended their agreement. A Norwich City Council spokesperson said: “We are developing a range of exciting proposals for Wensum Lodge that will progress and secure its adult learning, community and artistic elements.”  The council is attempting to work with the bar around developing a fair rent. 

The local community is now fighting to shed light on Jurnet’s bar to ensure it stays open as long as possible. Michael Goodings, the bar’s secretary, said: “There is a question mark over the bar’s survival and we need your help. 

“It is without a doubt one of Norwich’s hidden gems.”

UEA’s Creative Writing Society host regular open mics at Jurnet’s and have used the facility for many years. They are pushing their members to obtain membership cards as their means of showing support for the bar. 

Regular lovers are sharing pictures online, and the bar is encouraging them to post more reviews to show the council how popular and well loved the bar is.