Interview / 14/01/2021 “Hospital is a scary, lonely place… our government didn’t learn from their mistakes”: an interview with Adult Nursing student Sophie Moore

At only 19 years old, Adult Nursing student Sophie Moore has been pulled away from her university studies and plunged into the dark world of the Covid-19 wards. As a Healthcare Assistant (HCA) her typical shifts are 12.5 hours long, usually consisting of physiological observations, bed baths, toileting, feeding, and rolling patients who cannot leave...

Interview / 17/12/2020 Black British Business Person Of the Year, Segun Osuntokun: “ Fix the system, not the people”

Segun Osuntokun has an impressive collection of books. Last month, the managing partner of Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner was named the Black British Business Person of the Year. Meeting virtually, he smiles before pushing himself forward on a spin chair. “As a corporate solicitor, I don’t regard myself as a business person, so to be...

Features, Interview, Main Stories / 05/11/2020 ‘The Voice’ star Leah McFall speaks on her unreleased album, life after leaving the label, and her new track ‘Faithful One’

You’ll likely recognise the name Leah McFall as being a finalist on “The Voice UK” 2013.  Her powerhouse performances have now gained over 60 million views on YouTube. Joining Team, she quickly became the star of the season. During her time on the show, three of her cover performances even charted on the UK...

Interview / 19/05/2020 NHS Workers- Compassion amidst COVID-19

“They can’t have any family beside them when they die.” Says an NHS front line worker over the phone to me. She sounds tired, exhausted even. Who can blame her though? Palliative care is no easy job ordinarily,  let alone in the midst of a global health pandemic. She continues her point.  “So I’m there...

Interview / 21/04/2020 Coronavirus could be around for ‘several years’, warns UEA expert

This is not your standard interview. Instead of sitting across from Paul Hunter, UEA professor of Medicine, microbiologist and expert on the coronavirus pandemic, I’m chatting to him over the phone since the UK is in lockdown. The coronavirus pandemic has gripped the world and left many in disarray. I start by asking him the...

Features, Interview / 10/03/2020 From Old Trafford to UEA’s Sportspark

Paul Neary’s long career in professional football took him from Manchester to Japan and back again. But when he decided to start a family, he settled in Norwich as UEA’s Head of Football, bringing the knowledge he learned with Manchester United and the FA to UEA’s Sportspark. Accompanying him to the interview is Tony Allen,...



Ben Santer Interview

In 1973, Ben Santer was an undergraduate in the School of Environmental Sciences at UEA, a position I now find myself in. Back then, Dr Santer could never have predicted that over 45 years later he would be returning to receive an Honorary Doctorate of science, for his service to advancing climate change evidence, but…

Features, Interview

Clive Lewis: ‘Do I still think that I can think things through in a sexist, racist way? Yes I do’

Waiting in the side room of Clive Lewis’ office at OPEN Norwich, we wonder whether the Norwich South MP wants to be Labour leader after his pal (most of the time) Corbyn. He’s got all the right qualities. We can hear him laughing next door: charming. Tick. He was in the army. Toured Afghanistan. Tick….

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