Features / 13/04/2021 How Call of Duty saved my life

Everyone had a different reaction to lockdown. Some people did daily quizzes, some people baked copious amount of banana bread, some people tried to learn an instrument before watching Netflix instead. I had two reactions. First, I fell even deeper into a depression. Second, I became obsessed with Call of Duty, and most especially, Call...

Features / 13/04/2021 No Graduation Ceremony: the wait goes on

According to the late Terry Pratchet, “ritual and ceremony in their due times kept the world under the sky and the stars in their courses.” So what happens, then, if the ‘ceremony’ is postponed? This is a question faced by students not only in the UK, but around the world.  David Richardson – University of...

Features / 13/04/2021 Everyone’s Invited: An Overdue Conversation About Sexual Misconduct in Education

Founded by student Somo Sara in June 2020, website ‘Everyone’s Invited’ has sparked an overdue conversation about sexual misconduct in education. Published to a community of over 41,200 individuals, of whom 13,500 have shared their stories, these harrowing testimonies named over 100 schools before they were censored last Monday. Reports have been made by both...

Features / 13/04/2021 I learned to ignore cat callers— you should too

My opinion on street harassment has changed. The first time I can remember getting catcalled was when I was seventeen. I was walking through Brighton, my hometown, and a large, middle aged man passed me and mumbled something onto my bare shoulder. I really can’t recall exactly what he said, apart from a slurred ‘baby’,...

Features / 23/03/2021 Post-Lockdown Anxiety: It’s real

This month officially marks one year since the UK Government announced the first national lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As of today, the country has seen three full lockdowns, and has had to cope with ever-changing restrictions throughout the year. Last month, the Government published a road-map to the release of all restrictions...

Features / 23/03/2021 A mental health boost, but is it enough?

On 5th March, the Government announced an additional £79 million boost to mental health support for children and young people. Stating an additional “3 million children in England to be supported by mental health support teams in schools, around 22,500 more children and young people to access community mental health services and 2,000 more children...



Identity Parade

With a new year upon us, Concrete’s Alex Ross takes a look at some of UEA and Norwich’s famous faces, and perhaps a couple you might not be expecting.

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