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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Is sleeping with flatmates a good idea?

Your eyes could meet across the kitchen table, causing you to fall head over heels in love with them. You could simply have a few too many drinks at the LCR, when something in your brain suddenly tells you that your flatmate is much more attractive than you’d previously realised. However it happens, is having sex with a flatmate really the best of ideas?

CoppaFeel hits UEA

“To keep it simple,” says Kristin, “we’re reminding students to do it in the shower. No more excuses, you’re already starkers and your boobs need some attention.”

Quick carbonara for one

Carbonara for one - a quick and easy dish that's essential for students.

Gluten-free kidney bean cake

Like our courgette, carrot and apple cake, this recipe is a bit unusual. It tastes good though!

I want to ride my bicycle, and so should you

There are many benefits to riding your bicycle around campus, from reduced stress to saving the environment.

The return of the ‘Flange’

Features writer Polly Grice reminisces about the return of Mercy.