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Monday, July 13, 2020

A history of freshers’ week

Billy Sexton delves into the history of freshers' week, revealing the roots of this rite of passage. Here's what to expect from UEA.

Easy cheesy pasta recipe

Steer clear of ready meals and Domino's with this dead easy and healthy recipe.

A refreshing look at studying abroad

Features writer Sarah Boughen comments on her change from a domestic to international student during her year in America.

Local trips around Norwich

Matt Tidby knows where to go for a decent day out beyond Norwich.

Fighting off the freshers’ blues

Freshers' week isn't a great time for everyone. If you're feeling lonely or homesick there are plenty of places to go and people you can talk to

Veggie fare in the fine city

Here's where to head for veggie grub in Norwich.